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August 19th, 2005



After a rest period we have at the moment a whole bunch of young frogs coming ashore, beside the many tricolor also our first green trivittatus. They are really tiny weeny when they come ashore, much smaller than the tricolors. We also have several young pictus, you can see already the bright orange flash marks quite well. The borders of the ponds are quite full with tiny frogs. Although they often are hiding, they also hop a lot around. We also have some young ventrimaculatus and again 2 young black jeans pumilio’s. And there is a lot on the way, several bromeliads have tadpoles, the ponds are full with tadpoles and you see several clutches of eggs. kraamkamer2.jpgWe are busy putting extra nourishment in the greenhouse, with all those little frogs. For the adult ones there is enough nourishment, but they have to scratch a little. The most know the places where there is plenty of nourishment. But the young frogs still do not know those places and stay often close to the ponds. Except for the young ventrimaculatus and pumilio, they hang around the bromeliads for several of weeks. The young pumilio we found at the beginning of this year in our greenhouse, is almost adult, probably a female. One of the males is crazy about her, he follows her wherever she goes and tries to impress her.

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