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Hide and seek

March 4th, 2005

verstoppertje.jpgA great discovery this morning in the greenhouse. A young pumilio! And what a beauty, so beautifully red. And big! If you see him, he looks already 3-4 months old, but he cannot be older than 1-2 months. His parents got into the greenhouse at the beginning of November. So mum must have had shortly after she was released her first clutch. The clutch we had found, must have been the second clutch. The young pumilio looks so healthy, skips actively around, stopping every now and then to eat. Should we have let the other ones stayed in the greenhouse? The other young frogs are doing fine at the greenhouse and this pumilio as well. But because the pumilio’s are so special to us(we had already several times young pumilio’s, but with scanty measure, so you want to raise them actually separate with more than enough nourishment). In the greenhouse there is some risk, we have got vermin we prefer not to have in the greenhouse, like centipedes. Also we have several crickets walking around. Not that much, as the very young crickets are very popular and mostly eaten straight away. You seldom see semi-adult crickets. By the other hand, he did quite well so far.

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