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February 14th, 2004

trivittatus-met-legsel.jpgAfter we had found several eroded clutches (the fruit flies apparently find clutches the perfect spot to drop their eggs) and dried up clutches, we found last week our first tadpoles in the pond. From the trivittatus? They were quite active lately. Yesterday we found another trivittatus clutch, this time daddy stays with his clutch. Now we find almost daily clutches, many in full sight, it does not matter what kind of plant it is. We even found a clutch on a fern leaf. Meanwhile we also have 3 tinctorius French Guyana at our greenhouse. You find them every time at another corner, they really tinker about in the greenhouse, they cross the path right in front of our feet, they absolutely don’t give way for us. The baskets with plants high at the wall, are getting more and more popular. First you only found tricolors and ventri’s here, but now they also became popular for the leucomelas and trivittatus. The laths became really busy footpaths, you always see here some skipping frogs. Sometimes they follow one other for meters. Only the pictus stays close at the bottom.

We have a ventilation problem, with this cold weather, the ventilation stripes are closed down, otherwise we have to heath so much. So the air doesn’t circulate enough. Probably we need extra ventilation, some plants stay too long wet and die. The big banana tree behind the cascade begins to fail. It is not a good spot for him, it is the darkest corner of the greenhouse and the leafs touch the 2 walls. The banana tree along the window, grows fast. Also some ferns and tillandsia have problems. Other plants grow fast. Maybe we first try out which plants prosper the best.

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