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Yellow becomes green

April 10th, 2005

trivi1.jpgWe have been searching for a long time for 1 or 2 females of the yellow trivittatus, but apparently very difficult to find them. Almost 2 months ago we could get a German breeding group of 5 green trivittatus, 3 females and 2 males. A condition of the owner was, they had to get a really large terrarium. So we mailed that our ‘terrarium’ was 20 m², with a picture. This was of course perfect for his frogs, so other interested people did not have a chance anymore. The trivittatus is a great frog to keep in a greenhouse. In their quarantine terrarium they were very shy, even more than our yellow ones before. Since 2 weeks they inhabit now the greenhouse, but they are still shy. The yellow trivittatus was almost always visible, straight from the beginning. So we could catch the 2 males easily. Unfortunately they have now again a smaller accommodation. Since the last female die, you heard them seldom. Before you heard them every morning and evening.trivi.jpg The first few days at their new accommodation we heard them again, very loudly, as if they were protesting about their ‘small’ accommodation, but they are now also almost always visible. This summer we want to renovate our old tropical greenhouse and hope to get there now to get the right temperature for frogs. Then the yellow trivittatus can inhabit that greenhouse, combined with several small lizards which inhabit the greenhouse right now.

The males of the new group we hardly hear, but this will probably change soon. When Jack heard we had a breeding group of green trivittatus, we could have his 3 males. Thanks Jack! He was also searching for some females for quite some time. Also the green ones are had to get. These males are still in quarantine, but are not that shy, you also hear them regulary. For sure when they enter our greenhouse, they will liven things up and hopefully we will get soon some clutches. Hopefully we can breed well with them, some more trivittatus in the hobby will be good. trivi2.jpgOf course we keep on searching for yellow females. What stroke our attention, that if we see a green trivittatus, they often sit close to the water. And if they have to lift their feet fast, they dive into the water. They are very fast, with a 1-2 strokes they reach the other side. Once one stayed about 15 minutes at the bottom of the pool and then came ashore as if nothing had happened. Funny creatures those frogs.

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