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Lake Mburo

-26.jpgLake Mburo was the last park we visited; half way the road back to Entebbe. It's the smallest park of Uganda and the only one where you can see zebra's and impala's. You also can find here the rare Roan antelope. It's located close to the border with Tanzania. Lake Mburo exists of 5 lakes, surrounded by hill, wooded with acacia trees. This savannah was more densely wooded than the other parks. You saw here as well warthogs, buffalos, baboons, oribis, bush bocks and kobs. Through the dense vegetation, all the herds were smaller as in other parks. But if you stopped your car, or by foot, they mostly stayed, watching us curiously. But when you came too close, they naturally ran away.-24.jpg

We really had a great lodge here, cabins built on top of the rocks in Flintstone style, with great views. The room was a luxuous tent with a large balcony in front. But our bathroom beated everything, carved out of the rocks with big windows with thin wire gauze, also the toilet had a big window. When I was taking a shower and I was looking through the windows, all of a sudden a bush baby, a small monkey climbed by. Where do you see something like that in a bathroom?


The next morning we had another hike, we chose the hyena path. We first walked to the place where they normally rest during daytime. An open place full with big wholes in the ground. -32.jpgThose wholes were made by aardvarks, but those were long gone and the hyenas had taken their wholes with gangways in use. But the hyenas had not returned yet, probably they were late successful in hunting and were still eating. A little later we heard them and our guide told us, they're eating, let's pay them a visit. However we went in a bow to the direction from where we heard them and when we arrived they unfortunately had gone. Returning to their resting place made no sense, as they would be already underground.

So we walked further to the more open savannah to spot the zebra's. At the savannah we saw many buffalos, impala's, bush bocks and zebra's. It was nice to see at many places, mixed herds of zebra's, bush bocks and impala's, that they sought the safety of a bigger herd.

By foot you really could approach them nearby.


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