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Help, the cascade is leaking 2

September 29th, 2005

lek2.jpgAfter quite some time searching, blocking stream by stream, we got an idea where the leak probably was. And then, when you think to know where the leak is, how do you fix it? It is a humid room of about 20 m², full with plants and frogs, to clear it up, is no option. Many materials you cannot use, because the have to dry a while, therefore the room is too humid. Finely we used Aguaplan, we used this material last year to make the wall waterproof. This material you can put at a wet underground. When we put it at the bottom of the streams, we sat aside to watch if no frog came too close. We put Aguaplan several times at the spot, in the last layer we put also some pigment. But the pigment did not fetch that well as in the flevopol which we used before. Maybe with the time it will get a little darker. After the cascade was running for 2 months you saw already at many spots algae. It looks like the leakage is corrected. We still loose a little water because one of the cascades splashes a little, but this is not a real problem, the plants aside seem to like it. Before we started with Aguaplan we tried to catch the tad-poles in the pond, there were quite some tad-poles in all kind of stages. In case of harmful substances, you never know. But we overlooked several tad-poles and it looks like they are still doing fine, so we put the other tad-poles back into the pond.

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