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Help, the cascade is leaking

September 2nd, 2004

lek.jpgUnfortunately our cascade got recently leaky, the floor in front of the door is flooded and the path has become a mud stream. How do you find a leak in a cascade with 2 m² of little streams and pools and a little pond of 2 m²? When we shaped  last year this construction we used several layers of flevopol and tile-glue, and in the top layer we put some pigment and peat. At that time it looked okay, but now there must be somewhere a crack. Or did a root of a plant next to the cascade cause a crack? The heleconia next to the little streams has doubled its size within a couple of months, but he stands at the floor. We are trying now several things to try to find the leak, like blocking some streams, to see if it is still leaking. Hopefully we will find soon the leak.

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