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Sequel 2

March 14th, 2004

kikkervisje.jpgAlthough the trivittatus had already several clutches, even some tadpoles, they have until now no success with breeding. Today another clutch. Unfortunately the female with the broken leg didn’t make it, 2 weeks ago we found her death under her favourite plant. In 2 months she became quite skinny. Her old broken leg incommoded her too much for going on food hunt. In her old terrarium she found enough food just in front of her nose, now she had to search a little more. Meanwhile we get more and more tadpoles in the pond, we saw as well a tricolor and a pictus putting down their larva’s. But we have still have to wait at while before they go ashore. We found at a garden centre 2 beautiful heleconia’s. Several frogs already inspected them. They are still quite small, about a meter high, but they have already some beautiful flowers. braziliaan.jpgToday we have put out 10 young tinctorius Brazil into the greenhouse. We received them from Marcus and Petra. They stayed a little behind with the others and their housing was needed, so now they may explore the greenhouse, after putting them several weeks full with food. Hopefully they will do it fine here. This summer we have to catch our French Guyana, we do not want cross-breeding. But it will be easy to catch them, they are the most bolded frogs, they cross the path right in front of our feet, they absolutely do not give way for us, they even jump at our shoes or they snap up our stool.

Probably we do not need extra ventilation. The last few weeks it goes well with the air circulation, the plants dry up rather fast, although some plants do not make it. So it is just to try out, which plants do well, some plants

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