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First trivittatus clutch

January 31st, 2004

dagboek-gifkikkerkas12.jpgThis week we found our first clutch of trivittatus eggs. We had bought last summer 2 couples trivittatus with the idea, these must be great frogs for our greenhouse, there they will do it probably very well. We had already heard from several people, they do not easily breed in captivity, they need space. We had them for half a year in 2 terrariums and no clutches, the former owners did not have clutches in the 4 years they had the trivittatus. They are now 4 weeks in the greenhouse and already their first clutch. So space is good for them. The trivittatus is the largest frog in the greenhouse, so they chose our largest bromeliad which is at least one meter high. It is a clutch of 29 eggs, enormous eggs compared to the eggs we are used to see from our other frogs. Unfortunately the male did not take care for his clutch, the next day we did not see the clutch anymore at the bromeliad leaf and found the eggs here and there on the tree trunk beneath and on the bottom on the leaves.

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