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June 6th, 2004 

PictusJong.gifHURRAY, today we have found our first offspring in the greenhouse, a pictus. He has come ashore very recently, he’s not from the disappeared offspring during our holiday. We still do not know what happened with that offspring. But fortunately the next group is coming soon ashore. In the pond we have again lots of tadpoles in several stages. We have the idea that it takes a little longer here in the greenhouse before they come ashore, than the ones in the terrariums. We had expected that the first ones should come ashore last week. But in a space like this it is also possible some already came ashore. Around the pond and pools you have many plants, lots of leafs at the bottom, so many hiding places. Unfortunately there are also several centipedes in the greenhouse, I just killed a few around the pond. But that is hopeless, in such a space you have many vermin you do not like to have. Quite a chance that some offspring fall a pray. But this young pictus is quite fast, we tried to catch him, but in vain. We hope it is not too difficult for the offspring to find enough nourishment. In a greenhouse frogs have to scrape more around than in a terrarium to find food.
Today we have found another clutch of the trivittatus, it does not look that well, but nevertheless we put it aside. They had already at least 8 clutches, but it went every time wrong. We really would love to have some offspring of the trivittatus, let us see if we are more successful in taking care of the clutch than daddy.

We had lately again some death frogs, 2 Brazilians and a French Guyana. Especially the last one surprised us a little. Although he was the smallest of the 3. You notice that the weaker ones do not have any reserves. The really healthy ones, still look healthy, although some look a little too thick. We have put now at several spots some jars with nourishment for fruit flies, so that there is at these places an abundance of food, also for the young frogs coming ashore. But the skinny Brazilians are not that clever to scrape around those places, although they pass by regularly. Several frogs already found out that these are good places to eat or even to guzzle. Hopefully the offspring is that clever to find those places, we have put also some jars along the pond.

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