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Offspring 2

July 25th, 2004

As the went already several times wrong with the clutches of the trivittatus, we put last month a clutch aside. And yes, we could better take care of the clutch than daddy, we have now 6 tadpoles, the first ones have already legs. Now we have to get them well ashore! Contrary to the other frogs who scrape a lot around for food, we saw the trivittatus seldom eat. Sometimes we throw some buffalo worms to them which they eat, but that was all. Now we have seen when they eat, or we better can say guzzle. As soon as the sprinkling stops, they straight away come to rummage around, especially around the puddles. Here you see tiny rain worms coming out of the ‘mud’, they are really fond of these worms.

dagboek-gifkkerkas14.jpgMeanwhile several young tricolors came ashore. It looks like they do well in the greenhouse, so we do not catch them anymore to put them the first months aside. The first ones really grow fast. We see almost daily new clutches, but the males only take every now and than care of their clutches. We do not like to put those clutches aside, too much work, we have more animals to take care of. The parents have to take care for their own clutches/larva’s, the fittest offspring will survive, like in nature. The trivittatus is an exception, as you don’t see them a lot in the hobby. What strikes us, we see many tadpoles, but very seldom frogs with larva’s at their backs.

The greenhouse was closing at several spots, the banana tree was 50 cm high when we bought it. It’s now almost 2 meter, full with leaves, we had to replace him, also 2 other plants with giant leaves. The heleconia’s also doubled their seize, especially the one who gets the most light. Some plants we even had to prune, they closed the path.   

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