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Where is the offspring?

April 30th, 2004

kikkertjes waar 1.jpgWe have just been on a holiday for 3 weeks and when you get back you really see how fast some plants have grown. The banana tree has 3 new leaves and has become much larger. Moss is appearing almost everywhere, first at just a few spots, but now at many places, at the tree trunks, at the peat. There is still plenty of nourishment in the greenhouse, it is full with fruit flies, springtails, tropical sow-bugs and other insects, although we did not throw slices of fruit for 3 weeks in the greenhouse, so it is really self supplying. Within 15 minutes we saw already the most frogs again. Unfortunately 2 of the semi adult Brazilians died and some other look a little skinny. Probably tincs have it difficult in a greenhouse. We heard it already from someone who also had also a greenhouse that we better not put tincs in the greenhouse, they would not scrape enough around. But as there is more then enough nourishment in the greenhouse, we thought, we give it a try. The French Guyana are doing fine, they are adult. The Brazilians unfortunately not that much, they had stayed already a little behind before we received them, maybe is that the reason some did not made it and some are a little skinny. Hopefully the rest of the Brazilians will do fine.

kikkertjes waar.jpgWe were amazed that we did not find any offspring at all. Before going on a holiday, the pond was full with tadpoles, about 20 had already front-legs and would go soon ashore. Then there were several tadpoles in all kind of stages. We searched and searched, but no offspring. We only found 3 tadpoles just a couple of days old. What has happened with all the tadpoles? We do not have any clue. We also did not find any larva’s and tadpoles of the ventri’s in the bromeliads anymore. But we saw several new clutches and a pictus with a larva at his back. So we will have to wait a little longer before we will have offspring. But actually we hope to find tomorrow some offspring, they cannot have disappeared all?

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