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A family drama

November 9th, 2004

familiedrama.jpgLast week there was a real family drama with the Trivittatus. At the terrarium where we raised the young trivittatus, we had put a watercup with a ventri young who was coming ashore. The next morning we found the young trivittatus drowned in the cup. There was just a little water in the cup, put down so that the ventri easily could come ashore. So for a 3 months old trivittatus it would not have to be a problem to get out. He was so active, grew well, ate well, no idea why he got drowned. A few weeks before we also had placed a cup inside for a couple of days, until the offspring came ashore, without a problem. Some days later we saw to our dismay the female trivittatus drowned in a pool. We are not superstitious, otherwise you would think something about it. Really a pity. We are already looking for a long time for another female for the second male, but it turned out it is very hard to obtain a trivittatus, especially the yellow one. Normally you hear the males whistling early in the morning and in the evening, but the last couple of days, since the female has died, we have not heard them anymore. Hopefully we will find soon one or two females.

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