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New residents, pumilio’s

November 16th, 2004

pumilios2.jpg2 Weeks ago we finely dared to release 6 pumilio’s black jeans in the greenhouse. A couple with already 4 adult offspring. Straight from the beginning they were destined for the greenhouse, but for very long we were doubting, should we really release these beauties in the greenhouse? In our living room we were sitting so often in front of their terrariums, they ate well, the young ones became healthy adults, all quite active, why take a risk with these special frogs? As we did not have for at least 1 ½ year a clutch of eggs, we decided space will do good for them, pumilio’s need space, probably they would raise better in the greenhouse. It was a wise decision, they are really doing fine in the greenhouse. pumilios.jpg2 Have more or less their own territory, the others you see everywhere. From the young ones only one had been whistling, no fights, so we had the idea the other 3 were females. But now it turned out we have 5 males. With all this space, the 3 males we had not heard before, their brother was already whistling for more than half a year, finely dared to raise their voice. And how, sometimes it looks like the males are whistling all day long. Some of the males are quite dominant, all the frogs who approach are driven away, even the ventri. The other frogs run off at once, not the ventri, sometimes you see a fight, but the end the ventri finely slinks off.

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