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The greenhouse exists one year

January 1st, 2005

1 jaar.jpgThe greenhouse is running a year now. We really enjoy sitting in the greenhouse and watching the frogs and I think we can say the frogs also like the greenhouse a lot. At several places the greenhouse starts to close, we regulary have to prune some plants otherwise the path is closed. The peat and several tree trunks are completely covered with moss. The wall isn’t closed yet, although at some spots almost. It’s starting to become a mini-jungle. Since we have good ventilation, just a small tube ventilator at the wall works fine, we also have several orchids and other special tropical plants in the greenhouse. In the beginning you want to place at much plants as possible to let it look natural and a little closed, so we choose the more cheaper plants and plants who would grew fast. Now everything is running fine, we go for the special plants.

MaEnKleine.jpgWe had some fall out under the frogs, especially with the tincs and 2 trivittatus. We must say, the most of these frogs were not the most healthy ones. Only one Trivittatus died unexpected, but she was getting on in years. The other frogs are doing fine in the greenhouse, although some of the tricolor and leucomelas are too thick, they are real greedy-guts, but they are nevertheless active, so it is probably not an issue. We also have quite some offspring in the greenhouse, especially from the tricolor. The offspring of the pictus, leucomelas and ventri goes a little slower, but steady. We let nature go its own way, a few times, especially in the beginning or with some special tadpoles, we helped a little, but we stopped soon with it. Otherwise it is quite labour-intensive and we like to watch the parents taking care of their offspring and to find every time again tiny little frogs who are doing well in the greenhouse

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