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December 29th, 2004

sjans.jpgThe female pumilio made a hit with all the males. She visited all to see who pleased her most (her offspring was raised separately) and last month we found her first clutch. At a tillandsia, about 2 meters above the floor, just next to the door. After we saw several times one or two pumilio’s at that tillandsia, we took a stool, and YES, 4 eggs. She took good care for her clutch and the larva’s were taken away. 2 of them we found, one in a bromeliad, 1 ½ meter down from the tillandsia, the other in a bromeliad at the other end of the greenhouse, at least 6 meters away, not in a armpit but in the heart of a bromeliad. We see her putting down every couple of days some eggs, so she walks around a lot, never taking the shortest way. In nature this distance is normal, but after been raised in a relatively small terrarium, it’s for her quite a distance. But until now she sticks out well, both tadpoles have already legs. So now we have to wait until we see within a week or so, the young pumilio’s crawling out of the bromeliad.

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