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A rabbit plague

January 12th, 2005

konijnenplaag.jpgMeanwhile the greenhouse is getting full with young tricolors. They are really doing well, the first ones are already almost adult and start to whistle. Soon they wil become a plague, they ‘breed’ like rabbits. This week we caught several young ones out, soon we will have to repeat it again. Even the young frogs find enough nourishment. Regularly you see new clutches and males with their back full with larva’s. The 2 females really took care for all this offspring. What if we had more females? Then the greenhouse was really overcrowded. Apparently the tricolor also put down their larva’s regularly in bromeliad armpits. Several times we saw tiny tricolors crawling out of a bromeliad. The large bromeliad of more than one meter is the most popular bromeliad with almost all the frogs, they all put down their clutches at the mother-bromeliad or at it’s side-sprigs. First you always saw the tricolor, bringing their larva’s away, but now we see  every now and then tricolor tadpoles in several pit-arms. Although you still find the most of their tadpoles in the pond and pools.

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