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Young pumilio’s

January 24th, 2005

pummi.jpgThe first two pumilio’s crawled out of the bromeliad, the first one was really so tiny winy, just 3-4 mm. The black jeans pumilio is one of the larger pumilio’s, but we had not seen such a tiny winy frog before. His dad was at least twice as big when he crawled out of the bromeliad, when he came almost 2 years ago ashore. The second pumilio crawled a day later out of the bromeliad, his size was normal 5-6 mm. We have got them now in a breedingterrarium, we do not want to take the risk something is going wrong with them in the greenhouse. Although the other young frogs are doing fine. But the pumilio is very special to us. Meanwhile we also found the two other tadpoles, just by watching mum. Those 2 she put down in the same bromeliad at the back wall, about 1 ½ meter from the floor. She is really walking a lot from bromeliad to bromeliad, 3 bromeliads with tadpoles quite far from one other. She is getting a little skinny, which is logical with all that walking and putting down extra eggs. She does not take enough time to eat. Hopefully when the last 2 come ashore she has more time for herself, and that she will eat more.

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