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The young terriblis

January 6th, 2004

dagboek-gifkikkerkas09.jpgWe have now also a young terriblis in the greenhouse. He stayed behind with the others, who snatched always all the fruit flies in front of his nose. He became a little skinny, first we wanted to put him separately, but then we thought there is so much nourishment at the greenhouse, it never can be snatched all away in front of his nose. And indeed or he is in search for food, or he sits along or in the water. The little streams and pools are attractive to many frogs, they often cross them, mostly at shallow or narrow spots, they love to sit next to the water, but seldom in the water. However, the young terrible really loves to sit and to swim in the water. As soon as he has eaten enough he jumps into the water. He is a real water-dog, the places with the most current are his favourites. First we thought this will go wrong, healthy frogs do not sit in the water and he is so skinny, but it looks like it is going well. If he gets tired, he climbs out of the water, but a little later he is back into the water.

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