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January 4th, 2004

dagboek-gifkikkerkas06.jpgWe have now also 9 leucomelas reside in the greenhouse. When I entered the greenhouse this morning, I saw the lord of the rockery at the back of a leucomelas, whistling. I went away to get my camera, but entering the greenhouse the lens became steamy. Of course at the time the lens was clear, the leucomelas had been driven away by the tricolor. Also the leucomelas does not have fixed spots, you find them everywhere. It stroked us, that you often see some leucomelas together, like they are socializing, not couples, just any leucomelas, and after a little while ‘socializing’ they continue their own way. You do not see this with the other frogs, only with one couple trivittatus. When you see other frogs together, they are mostly challenging or driving away one other, which sometimes takes a while. We have not seen yet real wrestlings, sometimes a short wrestle, although we have some quite dominant tricolors and a dominant ventri. As we walk through the greenhouse, the most frogs skip a little away, when they are close by. But not the leucomelas, so we have to watch carefully we do not step at a frog. We made a little path across the greenhouse, so we can see the frogs at the path and we can put our stools at the path. If a leucomelas just sits at the path, he stays there and you have to step over him. This morning even one skipped at my shoe. When you sit quietly at your stool, you often see some frogs skipping by.

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