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January 2nd, 2004 

dagboek-gifkikkerkas07.jpgYesterday our first couple of trivittatus was released in the greenhouse, the other couple still has to wait some days. Now they really have space. Straight away you saw the male jumping through whole the greenhouse, sometimes with jumps over a meter. To our great surprise, we see them almost every time when we enter the greenhouse. Normally they are quite shy, in their terrarium we hardly saw them. They mostly hide, only early in the morning or late in the evening you saw them. And now you see them almost every time. They jump away when you get too close, unless they think they are out of sight.  In captivity they normally do not breed easily, hopefully now with more space we will get soon their first clutch. Let us have a look if it is really the space. Although the trivittatus is much larger than the tricolor, the tricolor who is the lord of the rockery, does not tolerate the trivittatus at the rockery and drove him away.

January 4th, 2004

trivi 2.jpgThe second couple trivittatus is now also released in the greenhouse. They are now more active as before, probably because they have now much more space to jump around. You see them the most of the time, one even passed my shoe when I was sitting at my stool. What a difference with before. One female has a bad leg, it was once broken, before we got her. She still has a little a thickening and a crack at her front leg, but further it looks like it has recovered well. She looks well fed, just she does not skip around a lot. She mostly sit at the same corner. It is lovely to see that her male jumps through the whole greenhouse, but returns regularly to her, like he is keeping her company, taking care for her and than he goes out for a walk again. The other healthy female, just jumps around, like her male.

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