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December 31th, 2003

dagboek-gifkikkerkas05.jpgYesterday 6 ventrimaculatus became new residents of the greenhouse. They really love to climb. They are very active, they cover quite some distances, climbing, skipping or walking. They are much more active than the tricolor and pictus. It looks like they are constantly exploring or on the road, just stopping if an insect is passing their path. They are much smaller than the others, but every time you see some ventri’s. Every time at another spot. Although they love to climb, you see them regularly at the bottom, skipping through the leaves, in search for insects. They know already quite well the best places for nourishment. The ventri does not let himself driven away by a tricolor, imperturbable they go their own way. At the window-ledge a tricolor was in the way of a ventri, a little jump at the back of the tricolor and the ventri went further his way.

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