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Turn of the pictus

December 25th, 2003

dagboek-gifkikkerkas11.jpgMeanwhile also 10 pictus live in the greenhouse. It is great to sit at your stool in the greenhouse and looking around. Without really searching I saw, except for 1 pictus and 2 tricolors, all the others. Incredible! The pictus is scraping around through whole the greenhouse, it does not look like they have their own spot, except for one. Also some of the tricolors are scraping around, but the most stay more or less at their own corner/part of the greenhouse. The pictus starts now to whistle louder, especially 2 men. They alternate whistling. Of the tricolors, you hear several whistling at the same time, like they want to drown the others. Sometimes it looks like they are all whistling, especially in the morning. The pictus does not like climbing that much, we have not seen them yet sitting higher than one meter, while some of the tricolors like the higher reaches of the greenhouse. You also see that the pictus is avoiding a little the tricolor. If they see a whistling tricolor, they make a small turn.

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