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A strange deposit place

Februari 20th, 2007

kikkervisje2.jpgOur tricolors are not satisfied anymore with our pond as deposit place, a few still use the small pool, but they have already deposit several times their tadpoles at a newly discovered ‘puddle’. Just after sprinkling, a small piece of our floor, just in front of our door (the only place with no sand at the floor) is flooded by water. Only a few mm, just after sprinkling and this undeep puddle has become their favourite deposit place. One way or another the tadpoles seems to know that they have to grow fast, otherwise the water is evaporated. They come twice as fast, as normally, ashore. At the side where the foil with sand and plants started, the foil edge is taped. However at a few spots, the tape lets a little loose, here the water stays a bit longer. When the puddle dries out, the tadpoles hide just beneath the tape in the last water remains and after sprinkling, they come out again in the newly formed puddle. So now we have to watch well, when we enter the greenhouse, you have to take a big step, so you do not step incidentally at a tadpole.

triviman.jpgHalf a year ago we got 2 new couples of the yellow trivittatus. A few months ago we caught our green trivittatus out of the frog greenhouse and put them in our other greenhouse. They were replaced by our yellow trivittatus from the other greenhouse and our new ones, as they have here a bit more space. Our old yellow male is at least 10 years old, but he is doing well with our new females. From early in the morning, till late at night he’s whistling. Sometimes you wonder where does he get all the energy, he can whistle that long without a break! The 2 other males do not whistle, but when they where at quarantine we heard them several times, but never so long and loud as old male. In the past we had another male, who we heard as well, next to our ‘dominant’ male. waterval.jpgProbably they are still quite ‘young’, although they are adult. Our old male had already a clutch from 2 females, probably also from the 3 female. We have now tadpoles in 3 phases. Hopefully we will be lucky this time with their offspring. From the green trivittatus we had already quite some offspring, but unfortunately we haven’t seen our female since a couple of weeks. She has come to a certain age, but maybe she is in hiding. The green ones are more shy as the yellow ones.

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