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Black jeans

Our black jeans is doing very well in our greenhouse, at the moment several young pumilio of different ages are hopping around.



This morning we counted 7 young pumilio’s and probably we overlooked some, at 20m²you have of course plenty of hiding spots. The young ones are off-spring of our own off-spring. We have to be very careful if we enter now our greenhouse. Our path is for adult frogs just a cross-over, but several young ones like to sit in the middle of the path, they jump away if you are coming, but some extra caution cannot do any harm. This morning a Man met eieren.jpgyoung pumilio was following a bean beetle, the beetle was much too large for a pumilio of just a couple of weeks, but everything what moves is of course interesting J.

When I came back with the camera, he was gone. But I could take some nice pictures of a male and female who were quite busy with each other. We have a small stool in our greenhouse and if you sit there quietly for a while your patience can be rewarded with a nice photo shoot of our male with eggs.

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