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Enlargemeent frog species

April 28th, 2007

jonge-trivi.jpgTwo weeks ago, when we came back from holiday, we had our first 2 yellow trivittatus ashore, what a beauties. Especially one has grown that fast, if we did not know better, we should say he’s 2-3 months old. Because we still have no offspring of the yellow trivi, we raise them now separately (in our greenhouse several clutches did not go well) to have hopefully more luck with offspring. It would be nice to see this beautiful frog more in the hobby, we have been looking for a very long time to find some more yellow trivi’s. We still have in 2 aquaria some trivi-tadpoles.

vittatus3.jpgSince a month we have ten vittatus and variabilis in our greenhouse. In the past we started with tricolor and vittatus, but we haven’t had in years vittatus anymore. Our old group of vittatus was quite shy, so it’s now nice to see this group is not shy. Sometimes you have to search a little to see them, as they like to sit between the plants, but they don’t jump away when you pass by. You find the vittatus always at the bottom, instead of the variabilis. The variabilis is quite shy, although you can find him everywhere. They are quite curious, they look at everything. Meanwhile we have found our first clutch of our variabilis, hopefully we’ll get some offspring. But it must be one of their first clutches as they are almost adult.
variabilis3.jpgThis week we also found a young black jeans. Our old female died last year, she was already quite old. She raised many young ones, for years only males, but now we finely have 2 females as well. If there is walking around one young pumilio, probably there will be walking another one or even more around. But to find them in an overgrown greenhouse, is another story! However many black jeans raised well in our greenhouse. Sometimes if we see a young one, we catch him out, to raise him further in a terrarium. Especially when we have a lot of young tricolors walking around, like now. Then you have some nourish competition. But we still don’t have to feed extra, our greenhouse stays self-supplying. Just when we have every now and then a culture of flying fruitflies, the whole culture goes into the greenhouse, here it’s no problem, but we don’t like to have them in our terraria.

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